Share and save files

From any device to your device Without Loging in

Welcome to Velot. The concept is simple. Setup your profile, You will get a custom link. Your link will be You may share it with your colleges and ask them to send files. Or if you are a teacher, you may ask your students to send assignments to your personal space. Or if you are a developer Like us, Isn't it good to share an image or code to all your devices without ever needing an app You can access files from Files Tab .

With Velot, Share your files with ease. No login, No passwords, No going between multiple tabs. Just go to your personal space using your user link on any web browser, Drag and drop your files and access it from all your devices. Your data will be securely stored in our DB And you will be able to access it anytime from anywhere.

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The convenient file storage service is here. Just Three Simple Steps to follow

First Steps to follow

Go to the custom url generated when you first logged in, Drag and drop anything you want. It will be there forever, Until you delete it

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Second Steps to follow

Login to your device using our app/website. This step is not necessary when you are adding the files or texts to your User Link

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Third Steps to follow

Enjoy the wonderful chat user interface and access all the files you have added, all the notes you have entered, and share the memories with file links

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Demo for this product

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  • Storage Upto 1Gb
  • Link sharing for upto 10 docs
  • Android app
  • Storage of upto 100 Files
  • Unlimited Number of Notes
  • Files will be deleted after a month

1 Dollar Per Month

  • Storage Upto 5Gb
  • Link sharing for upto 100 docs
  • Android app
  • Storage of upto 1000 Files
  • Unlimited Number of Notes
  • Files will be deleted after a year

Custom Features
(For teams and Business)

  • 1 Dollar Per Year Plan
  • +
  • Add your suggestion
How You are doing it wrong?

People are sharing their login credentials with a lot of devices now a days, Which will make them more vulnerable to hacking. And it takes many number of processes to send a single file, which is not necessary when you are using .

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Why Velot

You don't have to login to any device. Just go to your custom, short link and drag and drop anything to it. It will be saved in the cloud and you can access it from your devices using our app or website

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